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Junior prom

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It was junior prom night, a night every father fears, the first night he allows his daughter out, with a guy. Ok she maybe have been on a few dates, but for me this was her first real date, and the potential of what he might try on with her had me scared. I tried to be mature, to trust her, my little girl is sensible enough, she wouldn’t do anything wrong, how far would this go, would he even try to kiss her, would she reciprocate, most definitely not, she’s not old enough, she’d probably vomit, or at least slap him. Anyway my wife had given her permission to go, and she knows Sammi better tha… Read more

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Chance encounters of the 1940's

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The true age of a woman is anybody's guess. On a planet so obsessed with youth and beauty.. No wait. Let's go back to the beginning basically. About 10 thousand years ago we began to transition from hunter-gatherer to hunter-farmer-merchant. This gradual shift is important, because life becomes much, much easier. You are no longer chasing herds and living on basically trail mix and bone marrow to survive. But you'll need much more if you want your tribe to thrive; first you steal catch from the other predators after they have run it down and killed it. Later one team can kill a large a****l an… Read more

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SISTERS - Part 2

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Chronology: the present Location; VA hospital, South Texas Characters: -The Family ; a 5 Sister ruling council -Narrator - 2 Brothers Had a lot of free time to browse and read here. A lot of free time. I decide to ask around the other departments and see their libraries. I have to walk daily while I mend. Here in the midst of files/folders/stacks/reams/drawers /boxes of material all neatly sorted/ bound/classified/labeled/collated/cross-indexed and stacked to the ceiling, I wind my way around here like a Govt. Spook doing research. I can do this in my sleep. Even drunk-sorta. Stoned-nah,… Read more

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An Idyllic Recollection

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AN IDYLLIC RECOLLECTION Everyone would like to believe that the Sexual Revolution of the Sixties had somehow made everything happen easily for horny counterculture types. Sorry to disillusion you all, but we had to work to get laid at least as much as any other generation. . . and I suspect a lot more fucking around took place in earlier years than some people think. In the early 1970s, I was prime draft bait, attending San Jose State in the Bay Area. I was a journalism major, and we were all thinking we were destined to break a story like the Pentagon Papers, to be the next Bernste… Read more

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A Girls Night Out

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Elaine was looking forward to her night out. It had been ages since she had gone away without her husband and this time it was a girls’ night out with her friend Anne. They were out for the night and staying in a plush hotel in the city. They arrived at the hotel, looking forward to getting dolled up and heading out for a night on the town. The plans were to have dinner then head to a club to do some dancing. After checking into the hotel, they headed to room only to be a disappointed with a large king bed rather than the two beds they were expecting. Anne said we can just get them to change i… Read more

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Jerry’s World - Terri


“So did Tiff settle alright” I asked while I thought of ways she could repay me, Terri looked at me and smiled, “Yes, you must have worn her out” she said giggling and if nothing else was getting me hard listening to her sexy husky voice certainly was, “Is she ok sleeping with you then Terri?” I asked trying to dig a little deeper, her eyes widened giving me a warm smile, “Oh yes Jerry, she loves a cuddle and the affection” she answered and I could tell by the look in her eye exactly what she meant, “Who doesn’t” I said giggling feeling my cock stiffening inside my boxers. Terri giggled and g… Read more

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Wife has a quickie


One boring winters evening I went to collect Jane from our local pub where she was barmaid. It was a Friday night but not very busy a dozen or so and mainly locals, all men and all quite drunk! Jane was working with some old guy and the Landlord, she was getting a lot of attention as usual, even those who knew me didn't stop trying to chat her up just because I was there, they enjoyed her flirting and more than likely knew she was a slut, they probably knew that I knew too! I was used to it, she always flirted when she was at work there or had had a couple of drinks. But, she assured me she h… Read more

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My Roommate’s Dad

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I could see him laying on the bed through the crack in the slightly opened door of my bedroom. He was uncovered wearing those sexy black briefs he wore around the house. They drove me wild! His belly rising and falling as his quiet snores escaped his round face.
 Let’s back up a bit… 
My roommate’s Dad was the hottest man I had ever seen! He was probably 45, about 5’8 and fat but built solid, like a bulldog. I’d say he was around 310 lbs. He had salt and pepper hair and was mostly smooth with a little sprinkle of hair on his chest and belly. He had a cute round face with a goatee and… Read more

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 5

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The next day was much the same, and when I talked with Linda on the phone I asked if we could get together for a bit the next day after school and she said yes. So as soon as class ended I got in my car and drove over to her house. Her mom was not home, but I finally got to meet her little sister Mandy. The three of us talked in the living room and I ignored the looks the two kept exchanging. Finally Mandy excused herself to go to her room and study, and Linda and I spent several minutes kissing. I was able to restrain myself to keeping my hands on her waist, but this did little to keep Linda… Read more

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 4

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As usual the next morning I drove around to the other side of the block and waited for Holly. She only took a minute and she was climbing into the car next to me and we headed off to school. “Well, come on, how’d it go?” “Well, if you want to know, yes. I did go out with Linda again last night. And everything went fine.” We chatted a bit and I told her I was making progress on the storyline I had worked out. I told her some of my ideas until I got to school and went to our classes. The rest of the day went on as usual, but when I got to my last class I took a seat next to Keith. We chatted… Read more

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 3

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The next morning I got up and took a shower. I took a long sniff of my fingers before climbing in, enjoying one last moment of Linda’s scent. Then once I got dressed, I went downstairs to clean up Scout. I had done little more than open all the doors and the rear hatch before I felt arms around my waist and Holly saying “Good morning Fairbough.” I returned her hug, and then she stepped back and examined my car. “Well, I knew something was up when you got home” she said, with a smirk on her face. “What do you mean?” I asked, all innocent. “Well, when I left you last night you were wearing on… Read more

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 2

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Well, the new school year started and I was quickly learning how things were in LA. I had made a few friends, and was learning about things I had never known about back home. Like Dungeons and Dragons was not only played by the geeks and nerds. One of the members of the group that taught me how to play was a fullback on the football team, and 2 were cute girls that were on the Drill Team. I still mostly listened to Country and Top 40 music, but I was gaining an appreciation for more varied music, like A Flock of Seagulls and The Go-Gos. And by now I had learned that the whole Valley Girl thin… Read more

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 1

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I had just recently moved to LA, and had not really met anybody yet. I was 16, and coming from a little town in Idaho to the culture of Sex and d**gs, Punk Rock and Valley Girls was a bit of a shock for a country boy like me. But I did enjoy looking at the cute girls with their poofed out hairstyles, pastel colored blouses and short skirts. Having nothing to do one night my dad gave me $10 for gas and entertainment and I went out exploring. After hitting up one of the local arcades for a bit, I was driving home a different route when I noticed a skating rink. Awesome, this was something I had… Read more

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Pauline The Slut - Part 33: All The Family


The next morning my father pissed in my mouth before he showered and headed down for breakfast. By the time I went to breakfast everyone was on the beach. Donal came into the house and looked me up and down. He disappeared and came back with a lead. I’d fogotten that I was still wearing his collar. I was stripped and forced to walk on all fours down to the beach as he led me by the lead. Everyone thought it was great fun as he paraded me in front of them and had me fetch a stick and perform tricks. When he stopped my mother rubbed sun lotion into my body. I closed my eyes as she messaged t… Read more

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Nicole Part 1

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This is the first part in a series of stories about a girl I dated back in the day. It was by far the best sexual relationship I had and totally true. We had a great relationship, but very volatile. The highs were great and the lows sucked. I met this girl when I was 18 years old. The best way to describe this girl was cute. She was about 5'1 and 18 years old with long brown hair and the cutest freckles. I met her at a friends place, he had invited me over for drinks and when I knocked on the door she answered. I was taken back at her smile and just how pretty she was. She was wearing a str… Read more

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What she can't get at home.

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The doorbell rang halfway through the morning, and i knew exactly who was ringing it. On the other side of that door was a young, recently married woman called Tilly. I had met her on line, got chatting with her and it turned out, after a little coaxing, she was very inexperienced in the art of love making. She had only been with one man, her husband, who she had met and fallen in love with at university, and now they were both happily five years married, well educated people with their own careers, but rarely ever made love. So i saw an opportunity, i know it was wrong, but i wasn't the one w… Read more

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Story of many firsts

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I get a phone call at about 11:45 pm from my wife, saying that she wants me to stay on the line.  I agree and turn off the microphone on my phone and listen.  I'm not sure what to expect, as my wife went out with her friend to a bar.  Her friend was visiting us from France, she is a blond fit woman that befriended my wife while in college.  She had recently gone through a breakup, and my wife invited her to stay with us to cheer her up.  The plan was for my wife to go out with her, while I stay at home with the k**s, partially because my wife is jealous of her friend a… Read more

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Fucked a sissy last night (first time)

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I never thought this dream would come true. I talked to her on another dating site and finally agreed to meet. She's hot, but I wasn't expecting her to be even hotter in person. She was so feminine and smooth. She had long brown hair and her green eyes were outlined with the absolute best wing tip eyeliner ever. She was shorter than me, about 5'5" or so, slim, with the sexiest hips and ass. After some awkward chat she made the first move and kissed me. I figured we may as well cut to the chase since that's why we were meeting. We started feeling each other all over, rubbing, kissing, biting. S… Read more

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How I Came A Gay Escort

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When I was in college in Valdosta, Georgia, I worked at the mall in a shoe store. I hated the job because it was minimum wage and I never had any money. One day a black man came in and was asking about some shoes. He was well dressed and looked to be around fifty. While showing him a pair of shoes he asked me if he could talk to me. I said sure not knowing where there was going. He asked if I had a girlfriend, which I did. He then asked me if I had ever fooled around with a guy. I nervously laughed and said no I hadn’t. He laughed and said that he bet guys I hit on me before. And I told him y… Read more

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