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broadening your Horizons

VoyeurFirst TimeGroup Sex

You had been in the UK for a week now and we had played every night either in the woods or at a club where you enjoyed the extra attention given to you by the single men there. But tonight was about education and I was going to show you how a cuckold lives. I had met them ages ago at the club we frequent and he was a total sub to his wife, which meant she could do exactly what she wanted whenever she wanted. She had asked me to come around one night when we were at the club her husband was sat there and we ignored him as she rubbed my leg and said would I like to come to her house and fuck her… Read more

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a night out with a difference

VoyeurFirst TimeGroup Sex

We had decided to have some different fun tonight we would go out with our own friends and at the end of the night would go to the same club and act like strangers and see how the night went, we got dressed at friends houses so we had no idea what we were wearing and went out for a good night of sexy fun with our own mates. The night went well for me having a few women show interest in me through the night as we wondered from pub to pub. I looked out for her in case we bumped in to each other before the end of the night but there was no sign which I took to mean you were having fun yourself a… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 220

VoyeurTabooInterracial Sex

Later, and after much sperm had flowed into many mouths and vaginas, the ten people sat in the kitchen. There had been a large pot of coffee made, and several pies and cakes sat out, on the counter, with plates, forks, napkins, and cups for the coffee. They had taken the time, to take showers, which had led, once more, in most cases, to bigger and better things. Everybody was pointing out things they had admired about their various partners. Compliments were flowing freely, and received with smiles of gratitude. All three of the brothers had asked Joyce about how her evening had fared. All of… Read more

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The Dominant Stranger

Gay MaleHardcoreAnal

It was a mid-July night and I was working at a dive bar in North Chicago. This place was usually busy, but most of the students were home for the summer. I was no longer a student but not quite got into the full graduate thing, thinking about what to do next. In the meanwhile, working a bar job that was popular with both students, the gay crowd looking for cheap drinks before a big night and the occasional hipster or two earned me adequate pay and tips so I could get by. I looked at my watch. Only fifteen minutes till last orders. There was only one other person in the bar - a customer who had… Read more

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My First Trucker

First TimeHardcoreMature

The very first time I ever chatted on the CB to a trucker was when we were visiting family in Missouri. Bethany Missouri to be exact. My husband wanted to go out for some drinks and play together and I readily agreed. We had been visiting my mom and family all day and needed a break. I brought my peach dress and sexy underthings that really set Mike off when he saw me in it. Well, we went to a bar and it was full of mostly redneck dirty farmers and drunks. Nothing much that interested me and the couple ladies there didn't appreciate being outclassed. All the men checked me out as we passed th… Read more

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Empire of vampires 1.2.6 The Plan


1.2.6. The Plan The following weeks were also the same for Selene in sexual terms. At night she was locked in her chastity belt and allowed to go hunting for sperm, blood and money in the brothel and during the day she lay tied up in Richard's bed. Only the short time he slept early in the morning, she could sleep too. When he was working, he tied her up in various positions and woke her up by using a vibrator, which made her float on a wave of lust all day long. Not strong enough to give her orgasms, but enough to make Selene think about sex all the time. But still he spurned her and… Read more

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Catching Marco

MasturbationLesbian SexVoyeur

I had just started my sophomore year in high school when Marco and her family moved into the house across the street from me. They had emigrated from France. It was just Marco, her Mom & Dad and her tall, beautiful sister Angela. Marco and I became instant friends. Like me, she was a sophomore and she was in my toughest class, Algebra. At least, it was tough for me...easy for her. Being from France, her toughest class was American History. We had that class together too. We rode the bus to and from school everyday. After school, we did mountains of homework together. I loved being aroun… Read more

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Pool time excitement (Part 2)

First TimeGay Male

I didn't have to wait long as I heard a ball being kicked in the backyard next door. After a few kicks against the fence, I saw the soccer ball soar over the fence and land in my yard. “A little help” Ryan said. I got up from the lounge chair and didn't bother wiping the cum from my chest. “Ok, I gotcha” I hollered. I picked up the ball and walked it over to the fence. I started to get hard again standing there naked, expelled cum now dripping from the tip of my cock, knowing he was only 4 feet away. I wiped the ball on my cock and tossed it over the fence. “Here ya go.” “Thanks Mr. Wils… Read more

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Braving Diane

MasturbationLesbian SexVoyeur

It all began 15 years ago but I remember it as clearly as if it had happened yesterday. I was with my best friend at the time Diane, we were celebrating our 30th birthday together. Nothing big, nothing fancy, we'd both left our k**s and husbands at home and gone off on a spa-weekend together. Diane and I had been best friends since college, I've never had anything but friendly warm feelings for her, perhaps too friendly but I've never desired her in a more intimate, sexual way, to this day I still don't believe that I do. But somehow something were different that weekend, I felt more relaxed t… Read more

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Confession Time

Gay MaleTabooMasturbation

I waas a loved boy. I rarely tell anyone that. People think I was abused. The truth is that I loved it. I was introduced into the fine art of masturbation by a teenage neighbour when I was 10. I had circle jerks with age mates at 12. At 13, I began a 2 year affair with a man in his 30's. At 16, I was hanging out in the dark room of a gay bar. At 20, I introduced a 12 year old boy into the wonders and excitement of gay sex. He was appreciative. I was on vacation this week. I saw the Space X launch from Cape Canaveral. In the hotel, and it was warm enough to swim, was a family with 3 boys. The… Read more

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Bi Menage a Trois

Group Sex

I had met Brenda on AOL in a Chat Room I had created. She was mid 50s with a body that was a lot younger. She had these incredible tits that sure seemed real and I could find no hints of scars. We chatted on line and eventually she invited be her condo. I arrived and was quite impressed with her stunning beauty. We chatted awkwardly at first but soon sat together at her computer and surfed porn. She had accounts for all sorts of sites. Shortly that led us in her bed room. I had been chatting and then talking and looking a anal porn with her. She had never experienced anyone like me that was… Read more

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Nathalie's Adventures 1: The Garage

Shemale PornAnalInterracial Sex

This is the first story about Nathalie, a beautiful sissy who gets herself into all sorts of sc****s. Nathalie is shopping for clothes. In the changing room she tries on a very sexy mini dress and she shows off her fantastic tits as she tries it on. The tits cost a small fortune but were worth every penny. She looks at herself in the mirror. Her boyfriend will love this dress. She changed back into her skirt and blouse and took the dress to the till. "It fits perfectly" she said and the pretty girl wrapped it up. "I have an account here," noted Nathalie so she did not need to look for her pur… Read more

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The story of Master McBride-part 4

AnalFirst TimeFetish

The boys then gathered the pictures and began to walk away. My heart dropped when one of the boys turned around before walking off into the bushes, and said that he’d see me in school, and then walked away as they all walked away laughing. I wondered what that meant? Their laugh sounded sinister, yet I didn’t ponder too long about it as I needed to find my towel and get home. After getting safely at home, and as I lie in bed, I began to think about what all had occurred this day. Part of me felt like I had been assaulted, yet, it gave me different feeling in which I actually enjoyed them see… Read more

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Kim's home coming ll

MasturbationLesbian SexFirst Time

With the sheets pulled back, Kim went back up front. Helping Rebecca up, Kim held onto her as they went to her bedroom. You're such a good girl, Rebecca mumbled. Getting to Rebecca's bed Kim unzipped her dress. Pushing it off her shoulders, Kim pulled it down. What are you doing Rebecca asked. I'm helping you get ready for bed, aunt Rebecca Kim told her. I think you had a little too much to drink. I'm sorry, Rebecca said. I just need a little nap. Ok aunt Rebecca, Kim told her as she unhooked her bra. As Kim push the strap off her right shoulder, she kissed her neck. Sliding off the left strap… Read more

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The Story of Master McBride-part 5

First TimeGay MaleVoyeur

The rest of the day d**g by. All I could think about was what was going to happen if I showed up. Who all was going to be there, how many, and what would they be doing next? If I didn’t show, was I going to find more of the pics possibly hung up around school? What would my friends think?, My teachers? Or even worse, my parents? As I thought about what happened in the park, and the things that took place, I came to the realization that it wasn’t that bad. I liked being naked and in a way, it got me excited just thinking about being naked again in public. But back to now, it hit me, I was going… Read more

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Holly's bush

HardcoreFirst Time

I started finger fucking Harley and her pussy was so wet. Holly said never to tell Kelsey what we're doing. Holly caught me masturbating in her house . She walked in the bathroom and I was jerking off onto her dirty panties watching myself in the mirror as I ejaculated onto her dirty G strings. I fucked Halle seven times in four days. I've videotaped a lot of it and I sent it to Kelsey so she would be jealous. Holly has a beautiful hairy pussy it's so thick and nappy it's hard for me to get my dick inside of Halle because she'… Read more

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A very nice trip of commission 4 :-P


It was end-winter/begin-spring about, April i remember it :-P, when i and my sister have an another trip of commission, this time the trip, that of going, it was in bus at difference of the previous trips of commission (recounted in my previously stories :-P) that i and my sister did always in train and my sister had always a nice clothing namely skirt and pantyhose and low shoes :-P, in this trip instead my sister had, from under an anorak, a jeans, and therefore i felt myself less lucky :-P compared at those previous trips by train :-P, but anyway i was always very happy of to be near to my… Read more

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Abby: After Sending Jeff Back to His School Campin


The Chronicles of Abby: After Sending Jeff Back to His School Camping Trip. (Abby’s Perspective) Synopsis: This episode is the continuation of the episode ‘Meeting Jeff Outside of School Camping Trip’. Warning! You’ll cum buckets! - - HORNY COMMENTS appreciated! - As Jim was driving Abby home, he took occasional peeks at Abby’s exposed thighs as the two bottom buttons of her sleeveless short denim button down dress were not buttoned. Her thighs looked extremely fleshy and sexy. Jim could feel his cock getting harder and his body temperature rose because of the lusty sight. It was reall… Read more

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Kim's home coming

First TimeLesbian Sex

Coming back from the airport Kim's mom told her everything that have been going on while she was away. When she mentioned Rebecca Kim's ears perked up. What's going on with aunt Rebecca, Kim asked. Well, her mom said. She divorced her husband last month. Closing her eyes Kim thought back. Rebecca and her mom was in the same sorority back in college. After landing a good job, she moved across the street from her mom. After Kim came along, Rebecca would watch her from time to time when her mom went out of town. Even though she wasn't related, Kim called her aunt. Kim shifted her legs as she tho… Read more

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The Love Of Mistique

First TimeHardcore

Disclaimer: This story is of a sexual nature, so anyone who is not 18+, or who are not allowed to read such stories, please do not read this. This is a work of fiction and based solely off of an inspiration to write this. I was an agent of the Dark Side. Me, code named Dark Viper, as that was my code name through my life. I never knew my real name, or if I had family or not. I was trained to be a special covert ops agent through the Dark Council's covert op Special Forces. Pretty much anything that Covert Ops can do, I've done it. Everything from assassinations, to undercover work, and in bet… Read more

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